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GETDA Seminars - Dr. Kamal Ranasinghe

The Global Executive Training & Development Association proudly offers a wide range of training opportunities.

Online Training
GETDA offers a wide range of online courses, developed by expert practitioner faculty. These courses are offered at rational prices, designed to give our students the most current, up-to-date information that is relevant for all audiences….domestic and worldwide.  Our courses work because they are designed by practitioner faculty… expert individuals who are not simply glorified  faculty, but are actually currently working in the field  within which they train. Succinctly our trainers have their finger on the pulse of current trends in their industry, or in the region of the world within which their expertise is documented and on-going.

Our online training courses are 5-weeks in length and will give attendees:

  • The opportunity to interact online with our practitioner faculty.
  • The opportunity to participate in an online fora and network with other like-minded individuals.
  • The opportunity to participate in a class when attending on-ground training does not fit within your schedule, or is just impossible due to  personal, family or professional commitments
  • Current, globally relevant information about the industry/region of the world. We charge all our trainers with never using obsolete textbooks.
  • A thorough training experience at a rational price.
  • Our attendees are effectively getting  an on-the-cusp course taught by fully qualified individuals… without the  usual fluff.
  • Open Enrollment. Our courses last for 5 weeks and we offer a variety of courses through the year, sometimes successive  sessions of a course in order to fit your schedule.

Tailored Online Training Solutions
Our training is designed for all our qualified global audiences. GETDA however is capable of developing online training solutions to meet specific needs that can support:

  • Large organizations, businesses, universities. GETDA can develop programmes for entities which wish to take advantage of our expert focus on current trends and relevant information from around the world to support their  students  and/or upwardly-mobile staff .
  • Private / Corporate programmes. For those organizations which would like training tailored to their needs …needs which take cognizance of their in-house , and national/regional imperatives …focused on their specific industry

On-ground Training
GETDA’s On-ground training courses are held  at  various locations across the United States and abroad.  In essence we go where we are invited because the need is greatest. Our on-ground training offerings are developed to be the most current, globally relevant information, taught by globally expert practitioner faculty based on their industry / region of the world.

Generally our on-ground training courses are developed   with upper level students …or adult in-work professionals …in mind.  However much we might be filled with approbation for all that traditional academe gifts to us, We understand that – today – such people cannot just break into family, professional commitments to just take time off  to attend the traditional bricks and mortar Thus, we have created on ground courses  to equate with six-days/ two weeks  training sessions  of close faculty-student contact. These intensive time schedules allow trainees – otherwise committed to their professional and family obligations  – to actually accrue further qualifications and expertise   These courses give attendees:

  • The opportunity to interact face-to-face with our practitioner faculty.
  • The opportunity to participate in an active classroom environment and, participate and  network with other like-minded individuals.  GETDA believes that when intelligent adult learners share of their wisdom – in a classroom , in the care of expert faculty – all participants benefit.
  • Current, globally relevant information about the industry/region of the world. We charge all our faculty with embellishing the current text they recommend , with their own latest writings. We avoid inclined  obsolete textbooks.
  • A thorough training experience at a rational price.

Special on-ground training prepared at the request of organizational contacts can be adjusted to:

a)    be conducted at the organizations own venue
b)    trainees will be cohorts of the organizations own employees
c)    group rate/fees can be arranged

Examples of the duration:

  • Intensive
    • 1-Day
    • 2-Day
    • Weekend [Friday, Saturday]
  • Extended
    • 1-Week (requires attendance four days – 6 hrs each – during the week in question)
  • Senior Executive retreats (Closely controlled in terms of numbers of attendees and specific content, usually led by two or three of our most Senior speakers who are global experts)

Seminars are designed in a slightly different fashion then our Online/On-ground Training Events. These events are often one-day events on a specific topic with a special  expert guest speaker. These events very often include networking and sponsorship opportunities for the local and global community.

Topic Titles
With a host of course topics at our behest we try to vary our PUBLISHED schedule through the year. Beyond our published schedule however we are also capable of holding private training events (either online or on-ground). Below is a list of sample topic titles, but we are not limited to the below:

  • Global Strategy Formulation
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Business Negotiation
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Plans
  • Global Culture in the Business Environment
  • Financial Management
  • International Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IFRS & Current Accountancy Trends
  • Budget Management & Cost Accounting
  • Jurisdiction: “The Law of the Land”
  • Human Behaviour and leadership
  • Global Human Resource Management
  • Understanding modern International Relations
  • The Political Economy of Foreign Investment
  • Women in the World : an Underutilized Resource

Courses on Regions of the World

  • A Critical Analysis of ASEAN
  • A Critical Analysis of South East Asia
  • A Critical Analysis of South Asia
  • A Critical Analysis of the Far East/ Orient
  • A Critical Analysis of the European Union
  • A Critical Analysis of Eastern Europe
  • A Critical Analysis of The Middle East
  • A Critical Analysis of East Africa
  • A Critical Analysis of Central & South America and the Caribbean

…. Further custom courses on specific nations can be developed.

Specialty Courses/Seminars developed especially by GETDA

  • Doctoral / Masters Preparatory Masterclass
  • Preparatory Survey to MBA: Foundational Training
  • Preparatory Survey to Graduate Global Economics
  • Preparatory Survey to Graduate Global Management
  • Opportunities for Female Executives in the Global Environment
  • Global Leadership Workshops