Familiarization Tours

Our Familiarization Tours are designed for any individual with an interest in the global environment. Our participants visit sovereign nations and the regions within which they lie, absorbing facets of the ‘on-ground’ reality at first hand over the course of 14 days. These trips include lectures and discussion for our Executive or student participants, but also much more. The intent is to cause each attendee to garner not only knowledge but also to imbibe the sights, sounds and the human interaction which takes place when interacting with people of the host country.

Of the many specialized tours we have offered, two have garnered the greatest acclaim from our participants:

Executive Business Tours
Designed for global business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, who have an interest in learning about other cultures and countries and how to conduct business in these nations. Our Executive briefings – goldmines of CURRENT information on successfully conducting business in the nation/region – are always conducted in the mornings, focus on business, and the global environment. In addition, GETDA promotes opportunities for participants to meet local business people, experts from the local and American Chambers of commerce etc. Families and friends are invited to come along.

Student Study Tours
Designed with degree-seeking students in mind our student tours are always planned for the holiday or intercession periods. The express intent is to support the education and preparation proffered at universities to future global professionals. Students are given the opportunity to travel outside their borders and broaden their horizons by steeping themselves in the modern-day realities of specific national/regional environments. Lectures are conducted in the mornings just after breakfast. All lectures are conducted by distinguished GETDA, and local faculty. Families and friends are invited to come along and encouraged to join the lectures.

Passed tours have been to:

1. Oxford, England – Apart from the spectacular University City of Oxford itself: Includes visits to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and around the England’s “Green and pleasant land”. Click here for a detailed sample tour.
Oxford University
Lecture Theme: Current analysis of the burgeoning European Union

2. Dubai, UAE — The Middle East
For a detailed sample tour of our trip to Dubai and the Middle East, please click here
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. THREE-CITY ASEAN NATIONS TOUR: Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok – A spectacular short, sharp opportunity to breathe in the excitement and heart-stopping vibrancy of three of the most successful cities in the World. These are three of the world-renowned new ‘tigers’. Amazing global success has visited each of these countries.
Singapore Downtown Children Playing Thailand
Lecture Theme: A current analysis of SE Asia.

We would welcome hearing from anyone interested in our tours, please contact us for more details.

San Diego, California
San Diego, California

Tokyo, Japan
Kamakura, Japan

People’s Republic of China – Tours take our attendees through Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.
Forbidden City, People's Republic of China
Lecture Theme: Understanding Business in China, business negotiations and the growing Chinese market for foreign investors.

Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece - Parthenon

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