Representatives and Speakers

Our representatives and speakers represent a vast array of industries, specializations and nations under the charge and direction of the Global Executive Training and Development Association.

Our Speakers Panel lists only a few of our more active members who, on our behalf, facilitate lectures, training, seminars, online courses, and indeed participate in our familiarization tours. All of our speakers are globally-inclined academics and business professionals with a track record of success in both areas of academe and business, and are well-regarded in their specialization and industry.

Our Global Representatives are actively involved in the nation under their charge organizing opportunities and providing education, training, and speaking engagements. They are GETDA’s attache’s both for individuals within their nation, and globally – outside their nation.

If you have an interest in contacting GETDA in regard to speaking engagements, or training, or if you have an interest in a specific nation, we encourage you to contact us with your interest. If you have an interest in possibly joining GETDA’s team of speakers or representatives we encourage you to contact us as well.