Conversations with Mouse

“Mouse” is the fifth member of the US/California based branch of the Ranasinghé family.  “Mouse” Ranasinghé …so says his badge on his collar.

Anyway … early one morning  Kelly Ranasinghé was trying to park in his parking bay at the San Diego court and found a badly brutalized dog,  abandoned and wired to his parking space.  Half-hearted protests notwithstanding the dog was rescued and now lives with, and has become an integral part of, the Ranasinghé family.

The vet(s) – and innumerable “good old boys “…they who know about this sort of thing – are insistent that Mouse is a rather well-bred “American Blue Pit Bull”.

They are firm in their belief that he was – contrary to popular myth perpetrated by the media whenever any pit bull is mentioned – probably loathe to kill in illegal dog fighting rings. They think he would fight (as vouchsafed by his scars) …but apparently, not kill. Thus it is believed he was badly beaten …than abandoned.

That first day when he arrived he was hurried to the vet because his tail was almost detached, he was battered, bruised and all bloody. This is hard to comprehend but someone had shot staples into his lower abdomen…. Other noisome stuff had been done to him. The sort of [expletives deleted] for which some evil humans should be shot.  He still has issues with humans who come near him carrying anything that vaguely resembles a stick …and issues with certain other large dogs.

Careful observation causes other members of the family to understand that he does think that smaller fluffy animals – especially those carried at the bosom of large Wagnerian San Diegan matrons… are snacks prepared for his personal delectation.

He is very attached to Mrs Ranasinghé and the younger Ranasinghé’s. Seriously attached. We believe he has abandonment issues. So he is rarely left alone.  He adores small children.

As for the eldest Ranasinghé … Mouse just tolerates him …but with a distinctly supercilious air.

He sees the elder R as a supine human being …one well past his prime. To Mouse he is just a source of his food… definitely “the” source of all illegal snacks. The elderly person is also something warm to sit upon as it takes his canine fancy.

A belief has arisen that Mouse has Buddhist forebears.   That today he is gaining Dana… (gaining merit toward reaching a higher plane) thus he has had an earlier existence. It is believe that in that earlier existence Mouse was a food critic.  Probably a French food critic. Why else would he look at one balefully when one tries to feed him the usual store bought dog food ? Why else will he only accept dog food prepared by someone called Chef Michel? Why else would he display approbation for French style country paté,  all restaurant -prepared French cuisine,  sauté ’d liver with mushrooms, Steak au Poivre  etc . None of your rubbishy common dry dog food for M. Maus.

Anyway …here are some still pics of Mouse Ranasinghé today, the first is self explanatory.


The second pic is of mouse in his position as Vice President of the elder Ranasinghé’s  global endeavour. This came about because, one day, he decided enough was enough. He too was upwardly mobile. So he sort of “pushed “ one of the elder Ranasinghé’s colleagues/friends out of his chair next to the computer …took over and proceeded to sniff disdainfully as he peered over said elder Ranasinghé’s  shoulder. He does this when he catches sight of any of the peerless prose being put down for posterity by lowly humans.  Everyone is a Critic!

Mouse in chair

Recently Mouse has been listening to his many friends and admirers who have suggested his occasional insight – especially about the world – resonates with them.   It is those friends who first mooted the idea that something called a “podcast” might be an initial means for them to stay in touch with him.  Initially Mouse fended off all such recommendations. [His posture is he is always much better with a live audience …such a thespian !]  But they kept pressing him. They felt that he might be willing to share his opinion of world events, the economy, any subject that takes his fancy.

Then they started playing dirty. They reminded him that he is getting older …it may be time to stop charging around like a young dog …an armchair might be more  in keeping with his vintage. He could speak from the comfort of an armchair they said. They even offered a warm blanket if the chill should seep into elderly bones.  Cheeky Pups!

But as he ruminated about the Podcast possibilities, a glitch became apparent.

Albeit an “American Blue Pit Bull” …Mouse sees himself as something of a Global, multi-lingual, raconteur.   To put many mono-lingual humans in their place he usually only converses in sibilant canine French,  canine Bahasa Melayu  or flawless Canine English ( such, he hopes, as would make an expert in these canine languages weep at his lyricism)

It became obvious that he needed a lowly human interpreter.

Thus, these “conversations with Mouse” with his chosen, lowly, human  interpreter.