Consultancy Services

Most western hemisphere corporations do not invest adequate time and effort into the task of strategic global analysis and most of their managers’ understanding of strategic global, or international political, matters tend to be subjective and superficial. Yet this issue is becoming more and more important to global corporations and international executives choosing to participate in the global arena.

Over the years, in providing consultancy services, GETDA (and thus its senior-most leaders) is often solicited to share of its expertise with domestic organizations venturing into uncharted regions overseas, as well as with overseas entities expanding into western hemisphere nations. In these efforts GETDA advises clients on modes of entre, risk factors which may be encountered, international trade and global business, initiating government relations and national policy and postures which may have an impact on their trans-national interests.

On matters related to diverse Global issues and businesses, the GETDA leadership has successfully assisted internationally-inclined companies in mitigating risks and – if such clients are already functioning globally – managing sudden crises in their global operations and supply chains.

Country-specific GETDA leaders are also experts in advising and shepherding globally-ambitious companies engage and develop mutually-beneficial partnerships with diverse constituencies – governments and governmental agencies, international institutions, overseas academic entities and non-governmental organizations. In so doing GETDA experts counsel on modern, constantly-evolving human capital realities, labour laws, governmental regulations, economic development targeted at nations/regions of interest, and other burgeoning challenges related to the proposed operations.

In certain relevant circumstances GETDA’s foundational philanthropic bias has seen it provide pro bono service.

While most global practitioners understand that a fundamental computer environmental scan of the intended region, or of the host country or countries, will yield some very basic information, in most cases this does not provide the expert perspectives of global specialists like those at the GETDA’s behest.

This is because any savvy global practitioner will understand that even though one can use a computer search, or a multiplicity of “off-the-shelf” texts to conduct some basic scans of the target environment, one should always bear in mind that texts are only as good as the time when they were published. The world is changing much faster than most publishers can handle, and the information they publish are often obsolete by the time they reach the stores.

While the various means with which to assess modern national matters, as mentioned above, can be very useful and effective in enabling corporations to plan their business ventures into other countries, and to do so from a distance, it must be remembered that other means also exist. These methods are those that the Association includes in proffering Strategic, analysis services to its international contacts.

For instance, nothing quite takes the place of actually having experienced senior GETDA staff persons at your behest – they who have conducted site visits to the target region (always conducted after studying the results of a in-depth quantitative analysis at the Association’s offices in the region) to gauge things for themselves. Such analysis when shared by GETDA experts will allow the strategically-inclined/aware global organization to understand and to rate specific variables of the intended host country against those of other countries and obtain a relevant evaluation.

Succinctly GETDA does its own in depth research.

Even then GETDA does not constrain itself to the target nation alone. To do so would be to lessen our commitment to our contacts/clients. Instead we also survey circumstances among the target nation’s immediate neighbors and the region within which it lies.

Interested parties should contact GETDA to discuss Consultancy Services.

Set out below is a list of nations/regions wherein GETDA has recently prepared Consultancy Service documents for client groups.

ASEAN Community Members

* Republic of Singapore
* Republic of Indonesia
* Kingdom of Thailand
* Malaysia
* Socialist Republic of Vietnam

E. Asia/Orient

* Japan
* People’s Republic of China
* Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
* Republic of South Korea

South Asia

* Islamic Republic of Pakistan
* Republic of India
* Sri Lanka


* United Kingdom
* N. Ireland
* England
* Scotland
* Wales
* Eire – The Republic of Ireland

S. Europe

* Greece
* Balkans
* Cyprus