Chairman’s Message

Dr. Kamal RanasingheWelcome and thank you for visiting the Global Executive Training and Development Association (GETDA) website.

During an era of remarkable change – an era which sees humankind move further, and purposefully, into a new millennium – GETDA, is an international entity expressly intent upon the development and enhancement of skills among professional global executives. It has evolved from the recognition that Global executive constituencies must be involved in the constantly-evolving, oftentimes volatile, international arena and thus require a global venue at which to constantly update and resuscitate their skills. The founding members of GETDA felt this should be a venue at which they may meet ( either in face-to-face or in a virtual milieu ) and – in company with their peers – address, and become expert in, swiftly-changing world realities.

GETDA is that Global venue.

GETDA recognizes and acknowledges the distinctive skills and achievements of executive professionals all over the world. Inevitably they are individuals whose primary professional charge requires that they be prepared – in an inextricably-interlinked global arena – to function outside of the comfort of their domestic environment.

Unfortunately, it is very common in academe today, for students to find that the universities they intend to attend have – summarily – decided not to provide sufficient global content in their degree programmes.

Thus GETDA does more… we are also actively embarked on supporting students who are  preparing to embellish their  academic qualifications. In our array of online courses as well as our on-ground programmes we provide students (in all discipline areas) with expert support for those segments of their education which call for stellar globally-inclined education/training. Do review our website to gauge some of what we do in this area.

It is important that I share at this juncture that our audiences are not just made up of international business people. Instead GETDA is proud that our participants include executive-level international practitioners from all areas of global endeavour. They bring their skills, insight and good intentions – and in company with our renowned practitioner-facilitators, and others like themselves, reach out to the rest of the family of humankind. This executive vanguard of ‘outreach’ professionals – while they may in GETDA’s care be adding lustre to their personal professional success – forge new paths and build new bridges across the national boundaries which traverse the global arena.

All GETDA facilitators – renowned international experts in their own right – continue to research on Global professional issues and are actively involved with publication and creating governmental contacts. In essence, GETDA is riven through with evidence of strong Global understanding and leadership

Thus GETDA is the world entity which continuously encourages education and training for the Global Executive. It creates opportunities at locations all over the world – as well as in virtual conference rooms – for such professionals to undertake innovative, thought-provoking, training and personal development.

GETDA is also committed to creating and maintaining new liaisons/arrangements with other similarly-committed, international organizations and individuals whereby its development and training programmes can be offered to as wide an audience as possible. To this end GETDA welcomes opportunities to hear from individual entrepreneurs and organizations who may wish to host our sessions or offer their development efforts under our auspices. Such fraternity will eventually expand the global network of development/training sites. This aspect of our interest and efforts may be of interest to academic institutions, government divisions, private and public organizations and individuals concerned with training, teaching, and development of Global executives in the vital areas of cross-cultural understanding, human behaviour, international Business, International relations, global policy studies etc.

It is important to reiterate, at this juncture, that in proffering our development and training programmes to an international audience GETDA is somewhat unique in that all its offerings are expressly – unashamedly – global in their focus, purpose and content. GETDA believes that all sovereign, national environments are integral parts of the inextricably-interlinked global environment. To that end GETDA does not offer programmes which are just intent on training for any particular, inwardly-focused, national circumstance. Sufficient programmes – which steep themselves in only offering training for national or hemispheric conditions already exist – in sad abundance – from other entities. This posture differentiates GETDA training and development from so many others.

Today GETDA is an active, growing, interest-engendering professional global entity. It is hoped that its accruing legacy will emanate strength and cohesiveness among peoples. It consistently avows its commitment to nurture and expand the practice of Global professional expertise by dint of its on-going and extensive training review system. Daily, senior officers of GETDA re-affirm its purpose to nurture and enhance awareness of the significant role played by international practitioners in causing positive, mutually-beneficial, and peaceful avenues of access to exist among peoples and nations.

Any international-inclined executive is welcome to approach our organization to learn more about our programme offerings and about the various fraternal partners around the world.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to share some of our motivation with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries.

Thank you so very much for visiting our site.


Dr. Kamal Ranasinghe Ph.D., DBA.